Grier Video Offensive, Shameful

February 21, 2014

No one can be described as just pretty, ugly, short, tall, black, white, fat, or skinny. Humans are much more complex than just the proportions of their body.

Sadly, there are still people who promote body-shaming behavior. Sadder still, some of these people influence the views and  behaviors of millions.

Vine star Nash Grier made a video titled “What Guy’s Look for in Girls” a few days after Christmas, with YouTuber JC Caylen and fellow Vine star Cameron Dallas. The video specified what attributes the trio looks for in women. They have about 5 million fans, most of whom are 11-16 year old girls.

Not only is the title of their video offensive, the things they look for in girls are extremely sexist.

Grier shamed viewers that express a romantic interest towards someone else.

At the beginning of the video Grier says he wants a girl to “entertainhim. Grier emphasizes that “the chase is a big part… If you play too hard to get, then it’s just like, ‘oh, she doesn’t even like me,’ but if you play easy, then it’s just like, oh, she’s a whore.”

It appears society has drawn invisible boundaries about gender behavior. Video games are considered a “male pass-time,” but it is a bad thing if a girl shows interest and skill in video games.

Girls can be – and some are – better than boys at video games.  And they shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Dallas chimes in about how he likes it when girls play video games, then qualifies the statement. “But you can’t be better than me,” he says, “I mean, I don’t even play video games.”

Other YouTubers have made equally offensive videos. Caylen made one of his own, listing physical attributes while ignoring what I would think to be equally important attributes of personality, maturity, intellect and emotional health.

It is sad that fans would agree with Grier and stick up for him, but it has actually been happening.

Grier needs to make an apology and set his misguided follower straight.

His weak, and obviously insincere, cop out, “Just so you all know girls are most attractive when they’re themselves!” does not excuse him from the insensitive and ignorant content of the video.

Some YouTubers have made parody videos which criticize Grier’s work, and others have spoken out against it.  Kudos to them.

Although Grier deleted the video due to the negative response, he has yet to put up an apology video.

Until that happens, he’s pretty much the embodiment of what I look to avoid in boys.

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