Campus Hosts Annual District-Wide Leadership Conference

Hosted at Campolindo, an Oscars-themed leadership conference brought together students from the 4 comprehensive high school campuses of the Acalanes Union School District on February 10.

The annual event allows leadership classes share ideas with their counterparts from the other district schools.

Junior Isabella Bartos was responsible for coordinating the event and booking the guest, motivational speaker Brandon Lee White. White spoke about making positive changes in one’s life.

“I know that the speaker wasn’t as interactive as I would have liked, but that’s usually how the speakers go. I think that for the most part people had fun and learned some stuff,” said Bartos.

“Honestly, it went really well for us. There was a lot of spirit, no major logistical issues, and tech went well,” said junior ASB Commissioner of Social Affairs Sophie Webster.

Bartos said that the conference required a lot of preparation. “Pretty much for the entire year, we’ve been slowly working on the conference. We had to slow down around homecoming because it was chaotic, but, for the most part, we’ve been planning it all year round. There weren’t any major problems that happened, which I was really happy about,” she said.

Breakout sessions were offered to discuss variouis topics related to the Leadership class. Bartos noted that the workshops on ASB elections and social affairs went particularly well. “Thanks to Sophie Webster, she basically planned out all the classrooms to see which classes had an off period so we can ask them to use them and also just talked to a bunch of teachers to get the classes for our breakout sessions during lunch, 5th, 6th, and Academy,” said Bartos.

Junior Jackie Artiaga, ASB Commissioner of Diversity, said, “Our theme was, like, movies because of the Oscars, so my workshop was titled The Hate U Give and it was about diversity and it included inclusion on campus.”

Webster said, “My workshop was titled Footloose and it was about dances. So, all of our decorations had to do with, like, the Oscars, and movies, and also, we all dressed up all in red to show school spirit.”

The final preparations for the event were completed on the preceding Sunday. Artiaga said, “I was really stressed for this but it went really well. Because we worked for 4 hours on Sunday from 5-9 and then we got here at 7:30 on Monday to continue prepping.” Artiaga enjoyed talking to and interacting with the other diversity commissioners from the other schools.

Webster was pleased with the result of her hard work. “Actually, I would have to say that this was probably one of the events that went the most smoothly for us. It was really stressful, and we used Miramonte’s mistakes from last year to help guide us to not make the same ones. But it’s such a hard event to put on, so we empathize with everything they went through as well. It was really fun and we got a lot of good new ideas that were executed well that we can use for the March Madness rally,” said Webster

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