Tricksters Hide Plastic Figures on Campus

Tricksters Hide Plastic Figures on Campus

Sebastian Fojut, Staff Writer

Small plastic babies, approximately an inch in height, have been appearing around campus since the week after spring break. The antics began when a member of the senior class purchased 400 plastic babies from

While La Puma has identified the group of seniors responsible for distributing these curious treasures, they have asked to remain anonymous.

The plastic babies are typically placed in unexpected locations. 1 student found a plastic baby in a hole in the taillight of her car. “I had already heard about [the babies], so I just laughed,” said senior Kira D’Iorio.

According to the original instigator, the idea came in a dream. “I dreamt that I was at Campo, and tons of really small babies surrounded me. I really wanted to make that reality,” she admitted.

During swim practice on April 15, multiple babies were discovered floating in the pool. “It was really fun to watch everyone scramble to find a baby,” said sophomore Connie Kim.

Some students now arrive at school each day with eager anticipation for new baby discoveries. “As an outsider, it’s very fun to be on a search for tiny babies,” said senior Tali Braun. “I just think whoever is doing this is really genius.”

Some campus adults, on the other hand, are confused by the fad. “I don’t know what would motivate someone to do this,” said math teacher Petro Patreas. “It feels very awkward finding plastic babies all around my room.”

According to members of the group of baby distributors, there is no plan to stop planting the quirky figurines around campus. “It’s really just a way to build community before senior year ends,” said one senior.