Boys’ Top Sierra in NorCal Semi

Ryan Lansing, Staff Writer

In a CIF [California Interscholastic Federation] NorCal Tournament matchup, the boys’ basketball team defeated Sierra High School 73-61 on March 17, and the game was held at Campo. Sierra’s record going into the game was 30-2, 3 victories better than the Cougars. A strong defensive effort was the difference for Campolindo.

Junior Austin Clarke said, “I think that everyone performed really well together. We managed to run for the full game and not get tired.”

While many of the players were nervous heading into the match up, coach Matt Watson was confident his squad would execute their game plan. “I thought we performed to our standard. I think we came out a little bit nervous but after that, after the nerves settle down we do what we do,” he said.

Some of the players were not so optimistic prior to the game.  Clarke said, “We came into it not expecting to win but very confident in our own ability to play the game.”

Though veteran Chris Hansen also had the jitters, he felt like his team fought with particular aggression. “I came in really hesitant. I was nervous all day and we had to come in with a chip on our shoulder, and we came out and I thought we had a lot of fire in our stomachs,” he said.

It seems that only coach Watson was expecting the win. “I actually thought that we would beat them by like 20, 25 points was what I was actually looking at. [I’m] a little bit disappointed that it wasn’t as great of a score as I was hoping for,” Watson said.

The Cougars will travel to San Anselmo to face the Drake Pirates, who have a record of 28-5.

Watson insists that his team is ready for the challenge.