Photo Run Signals Training Transition


Colin Jones, Staff Writer

Tasked with taking pictures in various locations around Moraga using disposable cameras, cross country athletes enjoyed a photo scavenger hunt on October 27.  While most Monday practice sessions include a challenging pace-specific workout for the harriers, this day signaled the end of a 5 week training cycle for the team.

“The photo scavenger hunt is a tradition that we’ve had on the cross country team for about 8 years now,” said head coach Chuck Woolridge. “It’s an opportunity for the athletes to socialize and enjoy running without the pressures of a particular pace,” he said.

Runners were given lists of photos that needed to be taken during the run. Groups had to take pictures of themselves wearing Burger King crowns, dancing with CAPA members, and hanging in trees, among other silly requirements. Each group was made up of 8 to 10 gender-alike runners of similar ability.

“I think I’m going to do pretty well in this event,” said freshman Jacob Noyce as he waited for his group’s start time. “[But] I have no idea what’s going to be on the list [of required photos.]”

The list included both required and optional photos. Some runners attempted the more challenging optional photos, which included a photo of the entire team crammed into a tiny car.  Another option was to pose with a person wearing a t-shirt with a comical slogan.

The runners were given roughly 50 minutes for the entire hunt. The athletes were seen crossing roads, standing on hillsides, and entering various businesses in their quest to complete the list.

Veteran runner Kevin Buckley wasn’t worried about finishing the list. “In my freshman year, we actually tried to complete the quest, but for the last two years it’s been more about messing with people and having fun.”

“Failing anything else, make sure you get your run in,” said Woolridge as he presented the instructions for the run to his athletes. “But what we’re trying to do today is make your run a little bit more fun and enjoyable.”