Long Ball Highlights Senior Game


Alexandra Fosbury, Staff Writer

The senior vs. faculty softball game finished in a 7-7 tie on May 19. The annual contest was held during an extended lunch period on the varsity softball diamond.

Both sides knocked the ball out of the park 3 times. English teacher Tom Duffy hit two home runs, but his teammate Jake Donohoe struggled to make contact at the plate.

Referee Julian Urmson was heckled by the student section for calls they believed favored the teachers.

“It is fun every year. It is better when we win but at least we didn’t lose this year,” math teacher Petro Petreas said. He is guaranteeing a win for the teachers next year.

According to Petreas, Rene Gillibert had many “great plays.” He also credited his female teammates for the faculty’s strong showing. “As usual, the key to the game is how the females perform and all of our girls did really well,” Petreas said.

According to Duffy, Kristen Michael, Emily Hook, Caron Brownlee, Shelly Hadley, Jake Donohoe, and Stephanie Triggas, all played “stellar defense.”

“The game is always a good time and I love competing and working with my colleagues,” Duffy said. Like Petreas, he is hoping for a win for the teachers next year.

Kristen Ghamghami, a four-year varsity softball player, enjoyed competing against the teachers. “It was really fun to play, especially against Petreas and Duffy and teachers I’ve already had,” she said. According to Ghamghami, the seniors should have won if it were not for the controversial referee calls.

Ghamghami’s’ home run elicited cheers from the student spectators.”It felt really good and exciting to hit a home run,” she said. “I am glad I participated, especially after I hit that home run.”

Senior Jeremy Dunbar also enjoyed participating in the game. “I just like the idea of swinging the bat and running around and doing something fun,” he said.

After watching the game, freshman Nia Harper is looking forward to playing her senior year. “I think it will be really fun to hang out with the other seniors and have a fun time,” she said.