Basketball Teams Exit NCS Early

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

Both boys’ and girls’ basketball squads lost their semi-finals games in the NCS playoffs last week.

The boys lost against El Cerrito 70-59, and girls lost against Encinal 75-54.

Both teams were seeded 3rd and lost to the 2nd seeded teams in their division.

According to point guard Scott Chen, the boys struggles after losing key player Matt O’Reilly, who broke his wrist in the second half. “I saw him go up for a layup, and he fell wrong on his wrist. His wrist  contorted back and he broke his wrist, and he hurt his shoulder too,” Chen said.

Senior Isaac Christian explained that a “lack of hustle in the first half” was another reason for the loss. Despite the boys playing better in the second half, they “just couldn’t make up for the deficit,” Christian said.

“We didn’t play like we thought we would. I think their speed and quickness sort of got to us. We panicked a little,” said Chen.

According to sophomore forward Sterling Strother, Chris Hansen was the Cougar’s top performer, scoring 19 points and grabbing 8 rebounds.

Art Thoms, head coach of the girls’ team, said his players “could’ve done a little better job on defense, but overall the effort was pretty good.”

Emily Lyall said the team was frustrated with the referees’ calls. “From the beginning we started off strong, but during the game the refs were just against us,” she said.

Both teams expect to receive berths into the NorCal tournament which begins Tuesday, March 11.