Volleyball Spikes Mats

Grace Deskin, Staff Reporter

Girls’ volleyball faced off against rival Miramonte on October 15, defeating them in 4 matches. Both teams entered the game with a record of 4-0.

Campo lost the first match 23-25. According to varsity coach John Vuong, the team had to adjust their strategy since they had not yet played the Mats, and did not know what to expect.

Both teams started out strong in the 2nd game.  However, Campolindo had a good run, and came out with a lead of 13-8.  This game ended when the Cougars won 25-14. Vuong attributes the win to their quick adjusting to Miramonte plays.

Campolindo prevailed in the third game, 25-23.  According to Vuong, the team got a lot of kills, meaning they scored points off of hits, and assists.  According to sophomore Kirsten Sibley, the team focused on their side of the net, and the plays that they had practiced.

The last game ended 25-20, in favor of the Cougars.

“So far we are undefeated, but you can never underestimate your opponent,” Sibley said.  “We’re confident in our abilities, but it’s more of a mental game.”

According to Sibley, the players must not only be physically prepared,  but must have the right mind set during those games.

 Vuong thought that despite their inexperience, the team is developing chemistry. “We work well together,” he said. “We are a young team, there’s some immaturity, but they still try and figure out who’s next to them and trust that person.”

According to Sibley, her teammates are always willing to help each other. “Every position is important. We balance each other out,” she said.