Miller Earns Sports Med County Award

Miller Earns Sports Med County Award

Sports Medicine Advanced ROP student Jacquie Miller recently won the Campolindo Dr. Mac Reynolds award and the Contra Costa County Sports Medicine Award of Excellence.

The Dr. Mac Reynolds award is restricted to Campo Sports-Med students, where students are tested on their knowledge of stress points, bony points, first aid and other physical signs of athletic health.

For winning the Dr. Mac Reynolds award, Miller was nominated to represent Campolindo in a county-wide competition for sports medicine students, in which participants were required to submit a letter concerning the ROP course along with a letter of recommendation from their instructor. Sports Medicine teacher Ray Albiento said, “She’s an awesome student, she has good camaraderie with athletes and students as well.”

According to Albiento, the Contra Costa County Award of Excellence has been presented to a Campolindo student three out of the past four years.

ROP, or Reigional Occupation Programs, are designed to prepare students for  future occupations. Miller hopes to pursue a medical major in college and to be come a doctor or athletic trainer in the future. “I really enjoy all of the practicals, the stress tests of the athletes and to see what’s wrong,” said Miller.

This is Miller’s second year in Sports Medicine, and she is currently enrolled in Advanced Sports Medicine ROP, which only admits students over the age of sixteen.