Roast Rally Should Return as Annual Amusement

Dianda Giles, Staff Writer

Penned by spirit leaders, and approved by the students it targeted, the “roast rally” was a short lived tradition at Campolindo, with the last installment produced during the 2017-2018 school year.  I found it to be an entertaining way to publicly joke about the various experiences of students, mainly seniors.

Sadly, the humorless administration decided that some of the jokes went too far at the 2017 roast, and were not aligned with their efforts to provide a safe space for all students. This was an overreaction; I think that the roast rally should be brought back, with stricter regulations, but still incorporated as end of the year fun.

The Rally only went awry when spirit leaders used unapproved content or jokes that were too crass. In order for there to be a successful roast rally, there needs to be a sense of discretion and respect, along with clever wording. Additionally, jokes should be run by the people that they are about and approved in advance.

Basically, the roasts should be clear enough for students to understand, but vague enough to “go over the heads” of teachers and administration.

Senior Katherine Hawkins agrees with this idea, adding that “the rally should be brought back if it’s done right. My brother led the rally when he was a senior, and the seniors loved it because it’s like being a part of an inside joke.”

Seniors Graham Velek and Jack Gruen have gained approval for including a “mini-roast” in the talent show.

“We just wanted to bring back a Campo tradition and thought it would be funny to have it in the talent show. It’s a loophole to actually bringing the entire Roast Rally back,” said Velek.

I hope that the popularity of this “mini-roast” proves to the administration that a complete rally devoted to it is needed.