Final Rally Introduces New Spirit Commissioners


Dianda Giles, Staff Writer

Leadership created its final “send-off” rally for seniors and welcomed its 1st female spirit commissioner with a video, a whipped cream eating contest, and a “fun facts” segment on May 17.

Yearbook provided a slideshow that recapped highlights of the school year.

Senior Bianca Chao won the whipped cream eating contest for the seniors after junior Haley Hunter was stopped by her brother spirit commissioner and senior Cal Hunter, who smashed her plate in her face. “I know the seniors needed to win,” said Haley, “So I laughed it off when Cal made me lose.”

Many students enjoyed the fun facts portion of the rally, where select students from each grade had to assign a member of their class to a fun fact associated with them, as provided by student responses to a leadership-created survey sent to all students earlier in the month. Freshman Will Monkarsh demonstrated that he could inhale a noodle and pull it out of his mouth as part of the portion.

Lastly, spirit commissioners Cal Hunter, Matt Gagan, and Tommy Raftis handed off their positions to juniors Will Windatt, Peter O’Donnell, Soren Jensen, and Brynn Cummins. “I’m really excited to continue the Campo legacy, and I’m confident that the new commissioners will do a good job,” said O’Donnell.

The 2019-2020 school year will be the 1st time a senior girl will be a spirit commissioner. “We wanted to find people that would create entertaining videos for the rally, as well as commissioners that really wanted the position because it’s so important to Campo tradition,” said Cal Hunter.

The rally concluded with the tradition of seniors exiting the building, and each grade rotating to their new seating for the next school year.