Campus News Returns to Restrooms

Dianda Giles, Staff Writer

News Flush, which last appeared on the back of bathroom stall doors on campus 2 years ago, returned on November 1.

The monthly calendar, posted inside campus bathroom stalls by Campolindo Leadership class, features the month’s events, including athletic matches and club activities. Each “Flush” also has a list of fun facts at the bottom to keep students entertained while they take care of their bathroom business.

Senior diversity leader Lindsay Torres orchestrated the return of News Flush. She decided to start the tradition up again in order to publicize dates and locations for club meetings around campus after the idea was mentioned during a student council meeting on October 26. Club leaders were then encouraged to write down meeting dates and locations for the “Flush.”

With the bulletins, Torres hopes that students will be inclined to participate in more clubs and encourage their diversity. “I think this will be a good way to keep students more informed about what’s happening on campus,” she said.

Women’s Awareness on Campus Club member Tali Braun said she hopes the return of the bulletin will foster more campus involvement because of the club information included. “Oftentimes people will go to a few club meetings at the beginning and then forget about them or just don’t know where club meetings are,” said Braun.

Freshman Maggie Hawkins agreed: “I read about some clubs I didn’t even know existed, so I think that it was a good idea to include them.”

Leadership also works to find fun facts online. For the month of December, “I included information about holidays other than Christmas to follow the theme of diversity,” said Torres.