Endurance Race Tests Auto Engineers


Mia Jay, Staff Writer

Engineering teacher Steve Boone supervised his Automotive Engineering Club at the NorCal regionals of Toyota’s annual Endurance on February 24.  The race took place at the Craneway Pavillion.

This is the 1st year that his club has participate in the race, but Boone and his engineers hope to make it a yearly activity.

The Campolindo club was joined by clubs from 20 other high schools from the area.

Each team entered a car in the 4 hour race. The car with the most laps at the end of the 4 hours is crowned the winner. Because the event supports green technology, each car was required to use environmentally friendly fuel.

Unfortunately, the endurance car that the club built for the race had problems with its battery. The car finished in 15th place.

Boone, however, was not discouraged, as he believes his team has learned from the experience. He hopes that with every year, the Automotive Engineering Club will learn more and build better cars. “Now we have a car, and now we get to build up the car from where we are now. So, hopefully, every year we will be better and better and better,” he said.

Junior Sean Wright expressed the need for more people on the team: “I’m exited, but also nervous, because we don’t really have that many people. We only have 4 people working on [the car] right now.”

The state final will be at the UC Davis Pavillion on March 10, where the squad hopes to improve their performance.