Lions Club Hosts Public Speaking Contest


Amanda Young, Staff Writer

The 81st Annual Student Speakers Contest will be hosted by the Lions Club of Moraga on February 6, 2018. The Lions Club is an international service organization, and one of its goals is to promote public speaking skills among students.

For the contest, students will be asked to write a 3 to 5 minute speech about the role of civility and integrity in today’s society.

According to librarian Sarah Morgan, the contest is open to all students at Campolindo and Miramonte. “If any student wants to participate, they can. They just would sign up with me, and then I would help them rehearse,” Morgan said.

The contest offers cash prizes. “You automatically get $25 [if you participate], and then if you win all the rounds, you get $75 and go onto the next level. At the next level, you can get more money for scholarships,” said Morgan.

Miramonte produced last year’s winner.

Sign-ups continue through the end of January. Morgan said that her goal is to have at least 10 participants.

The Leo Club is the “junior version” of the Lions Club. Club president, senior Brigitte Marinier, said that although the contest is funded by the Lions Club, the Leo Club will definitely support them.

She acknowledged that the contest can be a little bit intimidating, but added that the prizes are definitely good reason for participating. “I think that the experience will be nice for kids to just learn how to speak to a public setting because not many people know how to do that very well,” Marinier said.