Concert Collaboration Funds Diabetes Research

Ryan Lansing, Staff Writer

Jazz bands and conductors from Dougherty Valley, Dublin, and Campolindo teamed up for 2 hours of music at the first annual Jazz With Friends Concert on the evening of December 4.

The proceeds, $1210.66, went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and the funds from the foundation go towards Type 1 Diabetes research.

The Dougherty Valley Jazz Band, Dublin Jazz Ensemble, and Campolindo Big Band combined for a program of 14 songs. Groups like the Dublin High School Jazz Ensemble performed independently, and then a final performance included musicians from all 3 schools.

Conductor Johnny Johnson said, “[This new event] stemmed from this concert being sparsely attended traditionally, because in December people are starting to get busy, and I just thought, if we had more people at the concert, it might inspire more attendance, more people.” This year the house was nearly sold out, and members from all of the other instrumental classes came to watch. Both Johnson and Dublin’s Band Director Paul Everts were impressed with the attendance.

Dublin High school musician Mitch Svetner said, “It was a lot of fun. Campolindo has a really good Jazz Band. I would love to come back here next year!”

Everts is also hopeful the event will become an annual tradition.

At Johnson’s request, a representative from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation came to the concert and explained the challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes to the audience.

Senior Kourosh Arasteh, the leader of the Kouroshombo, said, “I really enjoyed it. Over the past few weeks we have been putting in a lot of work and we had a lot of good rehearsals and it really showed through.”

This concert is the largest concert of the year for the Jazz Band, and over the next few years Dublin director Everts hopes the event will increase in size, as it unites multiple schools for a good cause. Everts said, “I’m impressed, [everyone was] very giving. We raised 1200 dollars plus for a worthy cause and great music brings people together.”