Club Watch: Dance Troop Celebrates K-Pop Style

Sailing Club

Sailing is an exciting pastime, with hours of racing and practicing, team bonding, and plenty of boats, according to freshman club member Ryter Ullrich. Ulrich, who has been sailing since he was 7 years old, said,”It’s a ton of really nice people. Campo’s Sailing Club belongs to Encinal Yacht Club, which pays for the boats and all other expenses. With flexible membership prices and unique practice opportunities, anyone can sail. Ullrich said, “We sail races just about every other weekend.”

For those new to sailing, Ullrich recommends the Encinal Yacht Club’s summer program. “If you like it there I would  recommend joining the Campo Sailing Club!” he said.

K-pop Dance Club

Since the Korean War, Korean pop music (K-pop) has increased its market by over 200% and has become a 3.4 billion dollar industry according to Google Trends. The K-pop Dance Club is choreographing a talent show performance to K-pop songs, including “Overdose” by XO,  “Bar Bar Bar” by Crayon Pops, “Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang, and “Eternity” by Vixx.

Club President Yuri Kim is quick to distinguish his club as a performance group. “I would like to definitely get out there that it’s different from K-pop Club, because while their focus is more on K-pop appreciation, like we’re more interested in actually performing the dances,” he explained.

Yuri says that the club is demonstrating what is cool and different about K-pop dance instead of just watching it.

K-pop Dance Club Freshmen member Morgan Langstaff said, “We are probably going to start practicing around this week and next week.” She also made it clear that prior dance experience is not required to join. While Kim emphasized that it will be difficult to catch up later in the year, he said, “Anyone is free to join.”

Japanese Club

Japanese Club immerses members in the culture of Japan. Co-President Sam Austin said, “Right now we are just learning about the culture of Japan and a little bit of the language. We also have food every single week, which is really good.” Meetings are every week and anyone is free to join at anytime.

The club is planning a field trip. “We are actually going to go to Japan Town in mid December and then again in mid May,” said Austin.

Austin also emphasized that Japanese Club is a way for anyone, no matter their ethnicity, to enjoy the culture of Japan.