French Film Follows Family


Vogue Cinema

Catherine Powell

The AP/Honors French class headed to the Vogue Cinema in San Francisco to see the film La Belle Vie on November 7.

Students did not attend any classes the day of the trip. Each student paid $20 to participate.

According to the film’s website, La Belle Vie means “The Good Life.” It is directed by French filmmaker Jean Denizot. The movie reenacts a real life French incident about a father who kidnapped his two sons after a messy custody battle. The father raises his children in seclusion for a decade, and the film follows their rocky relationship.

La Belle Vie is a coming of age film that won awards at the Venice Film Festival.

“The film has to have subtitles because it’s for many grade levels,” said French teacher Ed Willy. “The students loved it. It was an excellent film.”

“There were subtitles in the movie, so it was really easy to follow along. I could pick up key phrases,” said senior Katie Erickson. “I really enjoyed the movie and I like the scenery, and the music.”

“I wish we could go to France [as a class], but I like taking trips to the city. It’s fun,” said senior Sam Myatt.