Recycle Center Visit Supports Science Curriculum


Sophia Bartolo, Staff Writer

Patrick Wildermuth’s Environmental Science class trekked to the Davis Street Transfer recycling station in San Leandro on Tuesday, October 7. The field trip took place from about 8:30am to 1:15pm.

The students learned about converting waste into reusable material. “We saw how things were recycled,” said junior Ava Tajbakhsh.

“We learned all the ins and outs of the Waste Management system,” said senior Robert Young, “It was very informative.”

The main purpose of the trip was to teach the importance of sorting garbage before it is thrown away. “They [the frontline workers at Waste Management] were talking about how there’s a lot of garbage that shouldn’t be there and where it was supposed to be. There are lots of processes to get it clean,” said junior Amir Aliakbar.

According to, more than 2 million pounds of materials are processed for recycling each day at the Davis Street Transfer Station. Thanks to the help of Waste Management, more materials are recovered each day for recycling, reuse and renewal.

During the tour, students seemed to take a liking to the staff at Waste Management. Young said his favorite part was “being able to hang out with Krissy, the Mobil Green Initiative teacher.”

Aliakbar said, “My favorite part was walking through the trash and seeing how it worked, how they put the trash together.”

In class, Wildermuth is teaching his students the correct way of sorting garbage. According to Young, the field trip helped him grasp what they are learning. “We are learning about the proper disposal of materials,” said Young.