Long-Time Supervisor Graves Retires

After many years of overseeing the campus, Jim Graves (known as “Hammer”) is retiring from his campus supervisor position. Although the school has yet to hire a new supervisor to succeed Graves, the school has hired Las Lomas campus supervisor Jim Taylor to help with duties and become familiar with the campus in the event that another suitable replacement is not found.

Each day, Graves monitors student conduct in and around the campus, including hallways, bathrooms, and the parking lot. He also recognizes and reports unusual activities, handles routine discipline problems, and communicates with the administration regarding the general campus environment.

School principal John Walker believes that the retirement of Graves will be a loss, and that he has done a great job throughout his career. He said, “The school will miss him. He does a great job making sure the school is safe. The staff and students will miss him greatly.” Walker also added that “he connects really well with the students.”

According to Walker, the rapport that Graves has with the kids is fantastic and the students always listen to him because they respect him.

Walker said, “We need him in dangerous situations and he is great at what he does. One of his greatest aspects is that he can keep people calm.” According to Walker, this quality is great when it comes to tense situations.

One of Walker’s best memories with Graves is when the principal first came to Campolindo in 2012. He said, “He took me on the unofficial tour of Campolindo.” Graves showed him who sits where at lunch, what groups of kids usually cause trouble, and where this trouble occurs. Walker said that this was the “real tour.”

According to sophomore Brooke Finegold, Graves will be missed. She said, “The campus will never be the same without Hammer. He enforced all the rules as best he could, while having a good time. He always has my back, helps me out whenever I’m in a pickle, and never fails to make me laugh while I’m walking to and from class.”

Sophomore Alex Wahl said, “Hammer is a great supervisor and a great guy. It’s always fun having a good conversation with him.”

According to senior Michael Dean, the origin of Graves nickname “Hammer” is because when he first came here after he was in the Marines, he would crack down on kids like a hammer. He said, “He’s such a great guy. Even a good friend of mine. He has provided so much for this school and he has definitely done his job.”

Graves said, “I’m very sad about leaving the kids but there comes a point where you have to move on in life.”

Graves has made lasting relationships with students. “Now, for the most part. The kids will just come up to me and talk to me about anything they want, school-related or not,” he said.

Graves plans on fishing, gold panning, and traveling. He said he would love to visit Europe.