Club Returns to Japan Town


Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

18 students traveled to Japan town in San Francisco on the Japanese Club’s semester trip to the enclave on Saturday, May, 31.

President of the Japanese Club, sophomore Keiko Eng, explained the reason for a second  semester trip. “It allows people who weren’t in the club before, or were unable to go before the opportunity to go the second time,” she said.

Unlike the trip taken in the first semester, this excursion was completely student initiated and organized.  Officially, the event was not a school function.

Eng said this was because the adviser of Japanese Club, art teacher Jill Langston, was unable to come.

Sophomore Zach Hsiao said, There’s more freedom for this trip. Last time you had to stay in your group, and you had to be at places at certain times, which restricted what you could do and where you could go.”

Eng said the trip was essentially the same as the first one, describing it as both an educational opportunity and a recreational event. Students went to the stores and restaurants of the general Japantown neighborhood.

“This one is much more relaxed, since its not a school event,” said sophomore Sean Garvey.