Vid Tech Produces Yoga Promo

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

Yoga and video production students have collaborated on a promotional video for the yoga elective.

Yoga instructor Chris Walsh said the purpose of the video is “to show it to PE kids next year, to see if they’re interested in taking yoga as juniors and seniors.”

According to editor Nick Riddle, the video tries to depict a typical yoga class. “It tries to focus on relieving stress and just the piece of mind you get from yoga and how taking it would be a great addition to your day, and just really relax you and get you through the day.”

Video Teacher Justin Seligman, who organized the filming,  said, “Tentatively, I’ve heard that next year in the cafeteria they’re going to have some monitors up to show some videos during lunch time and that kind of thing.”

Walsh said the idea to film a promotional video was suggested by the yoga students  themselves. He then spoke with Seligman. “[Seligman] sent three students out to film on the grass. We practiced on the grass, and we had about ten yogis out there with mats, and we went through some basic asanas [poses],” Walsh explained.

The filming was done on Wednesday, April 30.

Moses Havel and Anna Helser did the filming while Riddle edited the footage. Motion graphics were made by junior Brendan Wilson.

Havel said, “We had a Canon camera that we attached to a slider so we got smoother shots throughout the whole shoot. Then we attached it to a tripod that we took basically around different angles of the entire class, and we just got a bunch of different shots and they did a bunch of poses.”

Riddle said the video is in its final stages of editing, and will be just under a minute when completed. “I definitely think that the cooperation between departments like video production department and the physical education department is really cool,” Riddle said.

Walsh added, “One of the big things the school’s looking for with the new Common Core is more collaboration between departments so we thought it was a great opportunity to collaborate audio-visual with yoga.”