Art Auction Funds GSE


Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

A fundraiser was held by Global Student Embassy at the Lafayette Library on Sunday, June 1, from 2-5pm.

The event featured a silent auction of student donated artwork, as well as live entertainment and speeches presented by members of GSE. Artwork was donated by students from the Acalanes Union High School District schools.

Senior and GSE member Spencer Nichols said, “We were on about a $1000 budget for this entire thing, so we got the venue, music, food, donated from a bunch of local venues, and we had the art show a bunch of pieces donated from the four high schools in the district.”

There was an outdoor and indoor section for the event, as art teacher Jill Langston described. “You came in and they had different booths set up telling you about the organization, and a band playing and food and drinks. As you went upstairs in the library there was a whole big room that was all Campo artwork, Campo photography, and some pieces from wood shop,” she said.

Langston coordinated with GSE Director of Program Development Mallory Bressler.

Executive Director of GSE, Lucas Oshun, said,“The event is structured as a silent auction, where we sold products and gift certificates that were donated by local businesses. There was a speaking portion, in which two students from Campolindo high school gave short presentations about their experiences with GSE.”

“It’s a social event, we get people in the community together, have a good time, and at the same time we’re also trying to fund raise, for GSE, for starting more events, and also we’re trying to get ourselves out there, it’s like an advertising campaign at the same time,” Nichols said.

Oshun added that the event was held, “to engage the community and share some exciting progress that…student participants are making on their projects, and on their school programs, and then also to share the work that they did in Nicaragua and Ecuador.”

The money made from the event will be used to help GSE advance their goals of creating sustainable agriculture in Ecuador and Nicaragua and giving students from those areas the chance to study in America.

Much of the silent auction products and event’s food was donated by Whole Foods. Nichols added, “Whole Foods has been a really big sponsor. They’ve been helping us with a lot of our events, and helping us publicize too.”