Walker Pushes Tech Integration

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

Principal John Walker is finishing up his second year as Campolindo’s head honcho.  In his first two years he has attempted to implement several organizational changes around campus, including the integration of more technology.

“One of my goals is that I’m very interested in expanding here on campus the students’ access to technology,” Walker said.

According to math teacher Ken Ingersoll, Walker has been responsible for the iPads used in many classrooms around campus. He said Walker is very approachable when teachers have requests. “I know he’ll take it seriously and try to help me,” Ingersoll said.

Walker believes “academic programs can be enriched” with more devices. He said, “I think a high school in the 21st century should have technology from the 21st century in the hands of its kids when they come to school.”

In addition to his push for more technology, Walker strives to be a presence on campus and frequently visits classrooms. Ingersoll believes that “it humanizes him to the students, and makes him more accessible.”

A personal challenge for Walker has been keeping up with the wide range of academic and athletic affairs. “It is difficult to get to every event that I want to attend, so there’s always sporting events, band concerts, plays, guest speakers, parent club events, and I think I should attend these events, but it’s tough to get to all of them,” he said.

Walker believes his attendance of school related events is important for fostering good communication and supporting both staff and students. He is particularly conscious of parent sponsored groups and activities, as he believes parents provide a critical support to the school both finically and with volunteer time.

Walker has had to respond to parents and community members voicing concern over a variety of issues, including the traffic and parking congestion related to campus construction. “Anytime he’s made a change, he’s had to explain and deal with people who have misgivings,” said Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett.

Walker had previously worked at San Ramon High School, and was hired at Campolindo when Carol Kitchens retired in the spring of 2012. According to Walker, he wanted to be part of a “great staff, great community, engaged students, and successful programs.”