Class Officer Campaigns Open

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

Elections for next year’s class officers will take place on Wednesday, April 30 during 4th period.

The position of Social Secretary has been eliminated for freshmen and sophomores. Leadership student Everett Tsang explained, “We’re trying to get a minimum number of people in the class, because we’ve found that if we have a large group it’d be really hard for us to get everything organized. Because the Freshman and Sophomore class Social Secretaries don’t really do much, we thought that we would get rid of them altogether.”

According to Tsang, Freshman and Sophomore Social Secretaries were never part of Leadership class, which contributed to their lack of contribution. “They’re not in the class. They help with homecoming, but they’re not regularly participating, and not a part of Leadership.”

The Social Secretary position remains for Juniors and Seniors because those positions are part of the Leadership class and have more responsibility during the year.

Junior Toni Finnane said, “We [leadership] were just trying to condense the positions.”

Candidates are required to obtain at least 50 signatures from students in support of their candidacy and turn them in to Leadership on April 23. They also had to turn in a platform statement of 100 words or less, describing their reason for running and why they would be the best candidate for the position. Leadership made a video of the candidates stating their platform which will be shown in most classes.

Campaigning is allowed from April 24 to 30.

Leadership held a meeting on April 16 during which guidelines and rules for campaigning were explained. Candidates had to turn in their platform statements and signatures during a mandatory follow-up meeting on April 23.

Junior Garret Neustrom, who is running for Senior Class Treasurer, explained his reason for running. “Hopefully I can make the school better by using the funds to make the school dances fun and all that,” he said.