Therapist Talks Tech Impact

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

Psychotherapist Jason Brand gave a presentation discussing the effects of technology on youths to 30 parents in the library on Thursday, March 6.

The talk was similar to the talk Brand gave in February at a school-wide assembly. This talk, however, was open to the public.

Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett said news of the talk was also sent to local middle schools. “We actually sent it to the middle schools, it was open to those parents, it was open to the public, and anyone who wanted to come,” Bartlett said.

The goal of the talk was to find a balance between modern technology and healthy living. Brand spoke for an hour, then he fielded questions for another hour.

Bartlett said the purpose of the talk was to show parents “that technology can be a huge part of learning.”

Bartlett helped organize the event. “I had invited him because he had presented at a parent event in Lamorinda, and he was very well received there, and he had been very well received at high schools,” she explained.

Bartlett mentioned that much of the talk consisted of “interesting parent interaction” and that the library “was a perfect venue to have that conversation.”

Brand is affiliated with CSTAR, a digital safety organization operating out of Berkeley.