Festival Honors Student Filmmakers

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

Thousands of dollars in prizes were awarded to district film students at the 8th annual LAUFF ceremony on February 28, from 7 – 9:00pm in the Campolindo Performing Arts Center.

Video teacher Justin Seligman judged the films, and presented awards during the celebration.

The New York Film Academy, the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, and the California Independent Film Festival made up the list of sponsors this year.

Prizes included film industry internships, movie tickets, and equipment rentals.

Seligman said there was a lot of “legwork” in contacting the sponsors for their donations.

Senior Vikram Bhaduri won a Bay Area Video Coalition rental award for directing the movie “Dust.” 

“I feel nostalgic and proud at the same time. I’m really lucky to have a teacher like Mr. Seligman and have these opportunities,” Bhaduri said.

Kion Karimi, an actor in the featured movies “Montgomery House,” “Most Wanted,” and “Quandary,” won a California Independent Film Festival ticket. Karimi said, “It was fun doing the films and being in the competition and everything.”

Karimi explained the purpose of the festival was “to show off what Campolindo’s got, or any other school for that matter, and see what they can make.”

“Its just good to be acknowledged that you have done something at school, because you may not have grades, sports or whatever. The program that we have here really acknowledges all sorts of talent and we’re really lucky to have that,” explained Bhaduri.

DVDs of the student films were sold after the show for $10 each.