Chamber Show Features Original Arrangements


Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

25 Chamber Choir members sang renditions of pop songs for their annual A Cappella Showcase on January 31.

Songs included “Under Pressure” by Queen, “Bottom of the River” by Lana Del Ray, and “I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain.

“The purpose of it is to put on a good show,” chamber member Sam Larson said. Larson also said the showcase was “a good opportunity to get people to know about choir,” but that it was not the main purpose.

“This year, students did arrangements, alumni did arrangements, I wrote a couple arrangements, so it’s cool to see their work not only as singers but people who are writing the music that we’re doing,” choir teacher Mark Roberts said.

“We started rehearsing January 6th when we got back from winter break,” Roberts said.

“It’s a requirement when you’re in chamber to do the showcase,” Larson said. “We have rehearsals outside of school and in school and during lunch. It’s a pretty big commitment.”

Larson said a benefit of the show for chamber students was to “get some pop music into the mix,” since they “usually do art music.”

Senior Emily Nichols said, “It’s a really good show, I think a lot of people will really love everything we have in store for them, and we’ve all worked really hard.”

Vice principal Scott Biezad  felt the timing of the concert was ideal, saying, “It’s always good to have a free concert during the middle of the year, especially on a Friday.”

“Everybody always says it’s their favorite concert of the year, so I think they’ll love it,” Nichols explained. Larson said, “It’s always really fun and we like to perform.”