Lab Tech Position Open

Grace Deskin, Staff Writer

Chris Boyd, a Tech support employee who most frequently interacted with students and teachers in the A13 computer lab, resigned his position the week before winter break. Math teacher and tech coordinator Bill Doherty in the process of hiring a replacement.

According to Doherty, Boyd was the only employee who worked full time in the lab.

The administration hopes to have Boyd’s position filled soon.  “We will have a ‘new Mr. Boyd’.  Somebody in the lab with [Head of Technology Jamie] Corum,”  Associate Principal Sharon Bartlett said.  “The process is well under way. I’d anticipate we’re going to have someone fairly soon,” she said.

In spite of the open position, campus technology continues to function, and the lab is still open for use. “Most classes go in there and do their own thing,” Doherty said. “W keep the computer lab open at lunch, brunch, and during classes we have teachers in the computer lab.  There’s going to be some times when they need help and it just won’t be right there,” he said.