Candy Sale Supports Typhoon Victims


Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

The Red Cross club sold “candy grams” at lunch in the quad on December 16 and 17.  Proceeds went to the Red Cross to support their effort in aiding victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

According to Red Cross club member Maddie Young, candy grams are candy canes with a personal message attached. Students purchased a candy gram to be delivered to another student during class for $1.

“I wanted to share my love for my friends,” said Sophomore Natalie Fedorova about her purchase.

As of December 16, the club had raised $263.25.

Red Cross club president Iman Sigman explained, “It’s to raise money for the Red Cross, which is pretty much the goal of the whole club, and right now they’re sending a lot of money to the Philippines for victims of the typhoon. Hopefully we’ll help with that,” she said.

Sigman said it is the first time the Red Cross club has sold candy grams. “We’re planning on distributing them into teacher boxes by Friday, and then they should hand them out on Friday,” Sigman said during the week prior to winter break. Candy grams were handed out during 3rd period on Friday, December 19.

In addition to the candy gram fund raiser, Club Adviser Roxana Jackman said ‘They [the members] did a bake sale for one of the football games.” She said the club made $250 from the bake sale.