Club Visits Japan Town


Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

26 members of the Japan Club traveled to San Francisco’s Japan Town on December 14. Club members explored shops, restaurants, and arcades in the cultural enclave.

Co-President Keiko Eng said the purpose of the trip was for exposure and recreation. She explained that the “overall goal” was for members to “get exposed to new Japanese stuff.”

The club has been learning simple Japanese phrases and traditions, and the trip was partially to apply this knowledge. “We’re just hoping they’ll get a feel for the culture, and how the stuff we’ve learned in Japanese club, how that goes into effect,” Eng said.

Eng added that the reason for the trip was “to have fun, and just relax with friends.”

Co-President Adia Tajima said the purpose was “to make sure that everyone in Japanese club understands Japanese culture and to have club bonding.”

Sophomore Zach Hsiao said the trip was worth attending, but that Japan Town was not optimal for learning about the culture. “This place is pretty Americanized,” he explained.

Tajima helped prepare the club for the trip. “Keiko and me and Austin just worked our butts off, and we organized stuff,” she said. She hoped the trip would help members understand the difference between the Japanese and other Asian races, and “not to lump all Asians into one group, but that each [race] has its own culture.”

Advisor Jill Langston complimented the presidents’ coordination of the trip. “They did a beautiful job in organizing it,” Langston said.

According to Tajima, the trip was funded by students. $9.80 covered the cost of transportation. Students rode Bart and Muni buses into the city.

Sophomore Sean Garvey said, “I liked the freedom of of enjoying the Japanese culture.”