Aging Campus Clocks Crash

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

Many clocks across campus experienced a system malfunction last week. According to assistant principal Sharon Bartlett, it was a “breakdown in the system.”  A fuse blew, and the shortage had to be tracked down in order to be fixed. The problem was eventually resolved when a computer system was synced up to the clocks to reset them to the right time, according to Bartlett.

The bell system was undisturbed, but all the hard wire clocks were stopped, and then failed to run with the correct time for several days. They were initially fixed shortly after the failure, but Bartlett said that they “only ran for 3 hours and they went down again.”  The last fix took place at 2:30am on Nov 6.

Bartlett said issues like the clocks stopping are prevalent due to the school’s age. “We’re an old school. The system has been breached, expanded, replaced. There are opportunities for the system to go wrong,” she explained.