Math Club Tackles 4 Hour Test

The Math Club participated in the Bay Area Math Olympiad (BAMO), organized by the Mathematical Science Research Institute, on February 26. Results for the competition were released the week of March 3.

No Campolindo students placed.

According to the BAMO website, the 4 hour test consists of 4 or 5 proof-type math problems. Math Club Adviser Nita Madra said, “The willingness to take a 4 hour test speaks for itself about the students’ love for math.”

The Olympiad was founded in 1998 by 3 math professors as a way to draw Bay Area students to mathematics. Today, the program draws about 250 students annually.

Although there were sites all over the Bay Area, Campo students took the test in Madra’s room. According to sophomore Cary Huang, the test started during 6th period and ended at 5 o’clock. However, not all students used the available time.

“A lot of students taking the test left after school. It’s a really hard test,” said Huang.

According to Huang, the test is also hard to prepare for, and requires spontaneous thinking.

“If you feel something isn’t quite right, I feel its better to start over than to keep going,” explained Huang.

An awards ceremony was held on March 10 at the Mathematical Science Research Institute in Berkeley. Mission San Jose High School won the 1st Place Team Score, ahead of 2nd Place Lynbrook High School and 3rd Place Harker School.