Sophomores Tackle CASHEE, One Step Closer to Graduation

Sophomores in the state of California were required to take the California High School Exit Exam last week. This test must be passed in order to graduate from public school, and if students fail the test they must retake it until they pass. Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett said, “This test is given to make sure students have a basic level of capability when they leave high school.”

Sophomores took time out of their first, second, and third period classes on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week in order to take the CASHEE.

Few students in the Acalanes School District fail to pass the test on their first try. However, if they do not pass, they must retake the exam until they do. There is also a make up testing date in March for students who were not here on the regular testing days. Campo’s testing coordinator, Nickole Laird, makes sure students are given the opportunity to take the exam as many times as necessary before their senior year. Laird said Campolindo typically has fewer than ten students fail the test each year.

Sophomore, Tyler Wilson said the CASHEE “was easy because it required basic knowledge.” He said the English section was composed of reading articles and analyzing them as well as an essay response. The CASHEE is also composed of a math section. Sophomores Kelly Furay and Bob Zhou believed the test was much like the STAR test, only shorter.

Michelle Alessandra, a teacher at Campolindo’s learning center, said counselors, learning center staff, and teachers work one on one with the students to get them ready to try it again.