Choir Assembly Features “Moraga Town”


Jacob Ngai, Staff Writer

Chamber Choir students performed their first Campolindo assembly under new leadership on Friday, January 27th during the extended third period. They used songs from various eras and genres to compile their set list.

“I think we mostly excelled in singing our hearts out, performing really well, and basically just putting ourselves out to the audience to give them a show they won’t ever forget,” said junior and chamber choir member Jake Thomas.

“I think the concert went really well, everyone was starting to lose their voices since we had been singing all week, so it was a relief to be done…at the same time, a cappella showcase is super fun, and it is many people’s last years at campo, so it was sad to be done with our last showcase…the show went well,” said senior and chamber choir member Ben Thomas.

The a cappella concert is not the only concert the group will be presenting during the semester. The singers will be representing Campolindo at the Heritage Festival in Georgia, as well as the California Golden State competition later this semester.

“Every year I’ve been in chamber, I have thought ‘there is no way next years choir can be better then this,’ but every year I am proved wrong,” said Ben Thomas.

The performance included “In Moraga Town,” which told the tale of a student’s life in Moraga. Written by seniors Gail Wilson and Clarice Cho, the song is an adaptation of  “In a Northern Town” by Sugarland.

Ben Thomas admitted, “Most of us thought it would be pretty weird,” but added, “the words actually came out really well, and some people actually understood it, I feel like it was just a song about how pretty awesome our town actually is.”

I think that Mr. Roberts is doing a really good job and bringing us all together as a whole and making sure that we are successful in not just choir, but singing in general,” said Jake Thomas.

“In the beginning, I think everyone was a bit tense about this new teacher and all that…but it has definitely worked out very well,” said Ben Thomas.