GSA Video to Target Campus Bullying

The Gay Straight Alliance has planned a video montage for Diversity week in March. The video was inspired by the “It Gets Better” videos popular on Youtube. The GSA video will include testimonials by those who wish to advocate tolerance.

Club head Aja Adair said, “We’re hoping to have it done by Diversity Week,” adding, “we’re just getting started on the project now.”

The original “It Gets Better” videos were created in response to recent teen suicides linked to bullying. However, the GSA will be making their video more specific to Campolindo and its community. “We’re going to target it to Campo students and use Campo students in the video,” siad Adair.  In the “It Gets Better” videos, most of the speakers were older than high school students.

The GSA video will focus on how Campo can develop a safer environment. “We as a whole school can get better together about gay bullying, and about how we view people who are different from ourselves,” Adair explained.

The club hopes to present the video during Diversity Week. GSA co-president Hannah Creque said, “We’re doing that for Diversity Week because last year during Diversity Week I was really disappointed. I didn’t see a lot of LGBT directed stuff.”

Creque said she thinks that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender bullying exists on campus. She said, “I am constantly hearing slurs against gay people around the school, and that disgusts me and bothers me a lot.” She said she hopes that the video will help change the school culture.

This is one of a few projects that the GSA will be undertaking this year. The club is also creating plans for “The Day of Silence,” a day for raising awareness for LGBT  issues.  Creque added, “I was thinking of teaming up with Project Open Hands because ‘No Name Calling Week’ goes really well with both of our groups.”