Couples Adapt to COVID-19 Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on all but couples have found a way to overcome the difficulties through creativity and commitment, even with the regulations.

The lack of extracurricular activities and in-person classes has made spending time together “definitely easier,” said senior Sydney Roberts.

Junior Sarah Tallarico said, “The pandemic has mainly affected where we spend time together. We try to go out as much as possible, but we normally end up going to the same places where we feel comfortable going.”

Senior Nico Mossotti added, “Being forced to stay at home has allowed us to go over to each other’s houses often, considering she is one of the only people I am allowed to have over.”

Mossotti believes that the 1st thing he is going to do after the pandemic is spend a nice weekend in Huntington Beach in order to “make up for the experiences we lost to COVID.”

Instead of larger trips such as visiting Southern California, the pandemic has led to more creative outings such as “car rides along Highway 1,” said Roberts. Mossotti said that for his and his girlfriend’s anniversary, they ordered takeout and made a “romantic-like dining place” in order to “make up for the lost experience of eating in the restaurant”.

An increase in picnics and gifts have been the major adaptations for Tallarico.

Even through the struggles, Mossotti claims that “going through the events of 2020 together has brought us closer and improved our relationship.”

While the pandemic has been hard on most couples, it’s also been a new shared experience that they will never forget.