Chocolate Sale Supports Service Program


Mindy Luo, Staff Writer

The Global Action Club (GAC) sold See’s Candy boxes for its premier Valentine’s Day fundraiser from January 25 to February 8.

The club raised approximately $70 for Rustic Pathways, a student travel program that focuses on locally run service projects as well as support appreciating for cultural diversity. According to GAC president sophomore Leila Stoll, what sets the foundation apart from others is that “it helps people help themselves rather than having only outsiders come do the work.”

Stoll was inspired to donate to Rustic Pathways because she herself traveled to Thailand with the program last year. “I think that donating money is more meaningful if you have a connection to the program you are donating to, so that’s why I chose their foundation,” said Stoll.

For GAC member and sophomore Zoe Heidersbach, it was the fundraiser’s focus on selling “things that people actually want during Valentine’s Day” that set it apart. These boxes of chocolate were sold by club members to classmates, friends, and family.

However, not all of the club’s members believed the fundraiser was properly orchestrated. “I think it’s kind of difficult to randomly go up to people to ask them if they want chocolate,” said sophomore Emma Zhou. “We also started 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day, so no one at school was really thinking about buying chocolates yet.”

Stoll acknowledged that the fundraiser will need to be improved in the future. “I think more publicity and spreading information about the fundraiser would be more effective. Starting the fundraiser more near Valentine’s might have helped as well,” she said.

While the chocolate sale is likely to be an annual event for the GAC, they also meet every 3rd Friday to discuss other solutions to various global issues. “Fundraising is not the only purpose of the club, and I wanted to raise money mainly to raise awareness and get people involved with my club,” said Stoll.