Drama Holds Mirror to Audience

Sophia Bartolo, Staff Writer

The drama department’s original play, We Scene Us Too, was preformed on 4 consecutive nights from December 10 through 13 in the Campolindo Performing Arts Center.

The play is a collection of 8 loosely scenes, varying “from a goblin rally to the worst birthday present ever to a demon-possessed blind date,” according to drama teacher and director Jamie Donohoe.

“Within each scene there is a moment, sometimes more than one, where even the most bizarre character reflects some piece of ‘us’,” Donohoe noted in the play’s handout. “The scenes we’ve chosen are particularity good at twisting a moment so that it makes us laugh, or recoil, because we see something we recognize, maybe even for the first time,” he added.

Junior Lauren Raff, who performed in last year’s play, We Scene Us, explained, “Last year’s common theme was life in general, and I see [We Scene Us Too’s theme] as ‘defying the norm,’ going against what’s normal.”

The first scene, “The Goblins Plot to Murder God,” begins with 9 “Bogles” crawling around the stage. Ooze, the Bogle’s leader, played by junior Alex McFadden, joins them on stage. Ooze then speaks about his power. He asks the frightened Bogles, “Does God scare us?”

The second scene, “The Scary Question,” opens with a couple sitting on a couch reading magazines. The boyfriend, Brian, played by senior Tara Gottfried, reminds his girlfriend Linda, played by senior Alannah Bruce, of the first time they confessed their love to each other. Then Brian asks “What would you do if the zombies attacked?”

In the last scene, “Nothing,” a father, played by McFadden, and his son, played by junior Shelby Speers, eat dinner at a table. The son only mumbles and barely talks to his dad. The dad tells his son he knows he would be happier at his mom’s house, but still wants his son to talk to him. In an attempt to relate to his father, the son explains what “happened” in homeroom that day, inventing a story about how he defeated aliens that invaded his class.

Junior Gabrielle Thompson, who played Jenn Grout, said, “[I like] the people in the scene, it’s really easy to bounce off their energy.”