Recipients Grateful for Recognition

Colette Wright, Design Editor

Each month, leadership selects an attribute to recognize in outstanding students. This month, the attribute was participation.

For their exemplary participation on campus and in the Campolindo community, senior Hanna Schoenberger, junior Karl Hou, sophomore Zoe Marrot, and freshman Zach Duffy have been selected.

Every month, leadership notifies teachers of the month’s attribute. The teachers then send a in a list of people who are worthy of recognition.  This is followed by an evaluation process. The one student from each grade who receives the most positive reviews is selected to be Student of the Month.

“I think it’s an honor to be chosen by leadership and recognized,” said Schoneberger.

Hou was surprised by his selection. “I’m honored to be chosen. I didn’t think just working in the cafeteria and participating in a voluntary program would get me Student of the Month,” said Hou. “I probably got selected because of the extracurricular activities and dedication I have outside of school such as lunch duty, agate, and performing well in general,” Hou explained.

“It’s cool I got Student of the Month as a freshman, especially since only four students are chosen each month,” said Duffy. “I talk in class and always help out the teachers when they ask for help.”

“I like talking a lot in class discussions,” said Marrot.

Most of the recipients credited their teachers for a positive influence, and were appreciative of their recognition of hard work. “My teachers respect me as a student because they know I try hard,” said Schoneberger.

“I’ve always liked my teachers, I think they’re all really interesting. Now I really appreciate them,” said Marrot.

“My teachers are generous and I’m glad I could make an impression on them.” said Hou.

“It’s nice to know that my teachers recognize my dedication to their class and my academics,” said Schoneberger.

“I thought I wasn’t really doing that much and I got chosen for participating in a bunch of extracurricular activities. Student of the Month was a confidence boost,” said Hou.