October Confronts Race Issues

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

October is Racism Awareness month at Campolindo. Leadership will be providing activities for the student body to discuss issues of race and ethnicity.

The Acalanes Union High School District’s diversity committee has designated certain months for recognition of various issues. The committee, a group of representatives from each school, works to develop activity ideas.  Leadership teacher Dino Petrocco said, “The district wide meeting is where the diversity awareness months are scheduled.”

October’s focus on racism, complements black history month, another awareness raising effort.”We all worked together to figure out how we create engaging activities,” assistant principal Sharon Bartlett added.

“The purpose is for us to be more aware of issues. It might be racism, it might be homophobia, it could be attitudes about women,” Bartlett said.

ASB president Kendall Henderson said, “We’re just letting people know that and encouraging them to keep their ears open and listen and make sure that everything is comfortable for everyone on campus.” Reminders for Racism Awareness month have been put in the school bulletin and on School Loop. These will be followed by on-campus activities arranged by Leadership later in the month.

Leadership students senior Anjali Bajaj and Erika Wolfram act as diversity commissioners and will be organizing on-campus awareness-raising events. The two attend the District Diversity Committee’s meetings to get ideas for activities. Bajaj explained, “What we’re thinking of doing is finding stories online that relate with issues people had with regard to their race and discrimination. We want to post stories around the campus.”

A lunchtime discussion about racial issues is in the process of being planned. Funding for events comes from ASB money.

“There are a lot of racial prejudices in the world and we need to be aware of them and stop them,” Bajaj explained.

“We want to bring [racial issues]to the surface and make sure everyone feels comfortable around campus,” Henderson said.