Homecoming Features Fun Fashion

Grant Chudler, Staff Writer

An annual homecoming tradition is dressing up for school based on daily themes. The tradition continued this year with Monday as East vs. West day, Tuesday as concert t-shirt day, Wednesday as jersey day, Thursday as music genre day and Friday as homecoming shirt day.

According to Sophomore Cameron Atwood of Leadership, the themes are intended “for fun and to promote school spirit, and to portray our homecoming themes as music genres.” Atwood dressed up daily. “It’s fun to be able to wear something different and blend in with everyone else who’s wearing something different,” he said.

Leadership comes up with the dress up ideas, and designates the day for each. “A lot of ideas bounced around,” said Atwood. “We had some rejected ideas. Cross dressing was rejected. Cross dress day. That was a bummer,” he said.

Future ideas include a repeat of this year’s East vs. West day. “Everyone really liked that one, so we’ll do that one for sure next year. East vs. West had a lot of participation, ” explained Atwood.

Atwood said other activities included giving students donuts on Monday. “It was fun to hand out donuts in the morning to kids. That was pretty cool,” Atwood explained.