Top Halloween Costumes of 2021


Kiera Roux

Top Halloween Costumes 2021

October has arrived, bringing with it colder weather, leaves changing color, and, most importantly, Halloween. Since stores such as Spirit Halloween have opened their doors and are overflowing with new costumes and decorations, here are The Claw‘s top Halloween costumes for 2021:

Blaire and Serena from Gossip Girl
The reboot of Gossip Girl has everybody reminiscing about the original classic starring Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. What better way to honor this iconic show than dressing up as these 2 iconic characters? Get together with your best friend and pull together a school girl-esque outfit including a plaid skirt, white button-down, and, of course, a tie. Sophomore Eva Canales said, “The Gossip Girl costume will be popular [this year]”.

This popular group costume comes back every year and it’s clear why. Dressing up as different decades is a go-to, last-minute costume to pull together with your friends. From flappers to 60’s, disco to neon, the possibilities are endless.

Cher and Dionne from Clueless
Grab your best friend and recreate this memorable duo this Hallow’s Eve, with Cher in yellow and white plaid and Dionne in black and red. Live out your Clueless style dreams and pay homage to this 1995 film. People will be “totally buggin’” over this classic costume.

Fame’s Most Iconic Looks
This creative idea is guaranteed to be a showstopper. Dress up with a group of friends, each channeling a different celebrity or iconic looks of the same celebrity. Some examples are Britney Spears or Bob Ross. Freshman Will Appleton said, “I like [the] decades [costume], that’s pretty cool. I also like the famous person’s most iconic looks costume.”

Stars, Moon, and Sun
You will definitely be the “star” of the show with this DIY costume. Get some silver and gold glitter, craft your own glittery headband, and throw on your favorite gold or silver clothing. This costume is a perfect duo or trio costume.

An easy costume to pull together at the last minute, pair a flannel with some jeans, a cowboy hat, and boots for this simple and traditional costume. For some flair, add a western belt or implement a fun twist on this costume by making it a “space cowboy” theme with shiny or neon clothing and accessories.

Sports Players
You will hit it out of the park with this easy last-minute costume. This basic ensemble only requires a jersey, and you can add fun touches to make it stand out such as eye black or various props like a baseball bat or a football.

This popular costume has been all over Pinterest and TikTok after Kendall Jenner wore a gold fairy costume for Halloween in 2020. For this look, pair wings with shiny clothing of your choice. You can add details to make your costume unique, such as glittery makeup and hair accessories.

Taylor Swift Album Covers
This costume is perfect for an individual or group costume. As a group costume, gather your friends and each choose one of Taylor Swift’s albums to dress up as. For Fearless, pair a flowy white dress with cowgirl boots. Red can dress in black, white, and red, and don’t forget Taylor’s signature red lipstick. For Reputation, pair dark muted colored clothing and dramatic makeup, and Lover can incorporate tie-dye pieces, pastel colors, and glittery makeup. This costume idea is so versatile because it can be used for any celebrity’s albums.

Squid Game
Another costume that has been talked about a lot this year is the Squid Game tracksuit. The Netflix series has become very popular among students, and many are deciding to dress up in the whole ensemble or sport just the mask.

Freshman Emma Knutson said, “Cher and Dionne will be very popular, and also Serena and Blaire.” She also thought a Mr. Worldwide-inspired look would be popular this year, considering so many students attended Pitbull’s concert earlier this fall.

Knutson added, “I am very excited for Halloween without COVID restrictions. I’m going to get some really yummy candy, and I’m excited to go to parties and stuff.” Canales agreed and said, “Last year it was so weird because [people] would put [candy in individual] bags. And I feel like they’re probably still gonna do it this year, [COVID has] affected that. But I think there’ll be more people going out and it [will] just be more fun.”